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Lil' Wee anxiously awaits a cab.  He has had enough of the Family Reunion.

Black cats are the most discriminated of all the cats, it is the same of dogs. That's a shame as black animals love just as any other colored critter. Adopt a black cat!


black with stunning green eyes. Looks just like our cat Salem. She is a "funny" kitty;


A most beautiful cat eye. Cat's like this are usually either Russian Blues or Korats. These are beautiful animals with green eyes and plush blue-gray fur. I used to have a Russian Blue, myself. - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

Kissanpennun uusi emo

Cat Is Rejected By Its Mother And Raised By A Golden Retriever cute animals dogs cat cats adorable dog animal kittens pets kitten funny animals golden retrievers