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      energy healing chakra balancing meridian.... learn to heal with your hands; repinned by

    • Elizabeth Thankful Shannon

      Let your light shine. ~ETS #lettherebelight #auras #rainbowauras #spirituality #reiki #energy #lifeisbeautoful (

    • Jane Grey — Hope in Paris

      1st Degree Reiki training workshop in Paris in English! Learn how, when and why to use Reiki for balance, health and well-being. Individual attunements help open energies to facilitate connecting to, and channeling, life force energy. It is natural, unlimited healing energy and a tool for better, healthier, holistic living. Led by Reiki Master Jane Grey, PhD

    • iPayrr com

      Reiki is a healing energy that helps with physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual issues. It is a very pleasant, loving and healing energy. I am a Reiki Master and would recommend this practice for anyone and everyone!Take the step to improving your life by opening yourself to the healing energies of the universe. Great for pets or business success!

    • Nohemy Zam

      Reiki: The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy." I find it to be very calming and healing. Reiki may also be used on your pets. <3

    • Mary Canane, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

      Reiki is a powerful yet simple Japanese intuitive healing art of hands-on healing. It is easy for anyone to learn. Both the receiver and giver benefit from the channeling of healing energy. The attunement process differentiates Reiki from all other forms of hands-on healing. The attunement sensitizes you to the frequency of Reiki energy by opening the chakras, clearing blockages and allowing each person to become a clear channel for Reiki.

    • Kelly Kanzler

      Reiki's Healing Hands

    • Margie Sutherland

      energy work therapy

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    "Healing hands, we all have them. "❤❤❤

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    Yes, we are channels of healing energy - we have the ability to set intentions to heal from a distance and can span time and space at all levels and dimensions.

    Healing the energy field///

    #Energy #Healing

    Reiki works whether you believe it will or not. Reiki has no dogma to believe. It is compatible with all religious faiths and paths. Once again, the energy is not the practitioner’s own, but the Universal Life Energy passing through the practitioner on its way to the client. As it passes through, it works on the practitioner, imparting benefits similar to those the client receives.

    Intention is a very important aspect of energy healing... repinned by Reiki-Master-Trai...

    Reiki Energy


    Reiki Spirit – The Spirit of Water

    Reiki Spirit – The Spirit of Water

    Reiki Chakra stones


    What if YOU realized how powerful you ARE? #holisticheights #healthyisalifestyle #motivation #inspiration #powerful #greatness #excellence

    Perfect depiction of what Reiki is all about. Getting universal energy from above and tapping into higher power to use you as a tool for healing

    Shoku Rei – The Very First Symbol Is "Cho Ku Rei" Aka "Reiki Power Symbol". It Means "Power Of The Universe, Come Here Now." It Directs Energy To The Physical Body.

    Hand Positions for Self Healing - Reiki

    Reiki Healing Energy for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

    Reiki hand positions