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Wenona Benally Baldenegro is the first Navajo woman to run for Congress. FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. In this new District, which includes 12 of Arizona’s tribes, Baldenegro may seem a favorite. But a traditional Navajo belief may be one thing standing in her way. "When it comes to particularly to making decisions about going to war, women are not permitted to make those decisions because we’re the life-givers," Baldenegro said.

This is a quick form to inform parents or guardians of minor accidents that occur throughout the day. I simply fill it out and send it home in my student's daily take home folder to keep families informed. It has greatly reduced miscommunications about accidents that occur during the school day.It however, has NEVER replaced the legal forms that teachers must fill out about students that are seriously hurt during the school day to turn into their school district for insurance and legal…

This odd-shaped building sits squarely in the center of downtown Portland, on Burnside street. My brother-in-law ( a printer/pressman) worked in that building for many years.