COLORS! love.

a prayer space / nook. Love the colors but somehow I don't think they will also work for my husband LOL


Bohemian Retreat

Small Space Living: 12 Creative Ways to Use an Attic cute this would be for the kids!

I love the bohemian style. Mixing patterns and textures and topping it with an earthy feel

boho bohemian bedroom floor bed

30 Home Decor Ideas from Pinterest: Stylish Gold Bar Cart


Attic escape

For the attic

Really tempted to put a rug on my balcony. I feel like that would end badly though.


stargazing attic


Perfect for those attic spaces!

Boho decor - THIS IS MY RUG IN CHARLESTON! (BOKHARA) - - All Turkmen rugs and carpets have geometric patterns. The repeated "Gul" motif (elephant footprint) is the main indication of Turkem rugs. Weavers in Turkmenistan use Turkish knots and these type of rugs are among the finest quality tribal rugs.... #loveofrugs #interiordesign #homefurnishings #rugs #decorating #homedecor #home #arear...

morning light