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    • Patrick Morais

      Rejected Star Wars Toys - Inflatable Emperor's Throne... This would be the center piece of my living room.

    • Bobby Pease

      Rejected Star Wars Concepts: Inflatable Emperor's Throne

    • Matt Drewry

      Rejected Star Wars Merchandise Concepts - Inflatable Emperor's Throne

    Wars Concept, Inflatable Emperor, Star Wars, Stars Wars, Wars Merchandising, Emperor Thrones, Rejects Stars, Wars Toys, Starwars

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    It's my Captain's chair and nobody's gonna tell me otherwise!

    I would buy all of these just because they are Star Wars even though I'm not a big fan of cereal

    I've never really been into chess, but I would play the crap out of this.

    Clone Wars Diorama. Absolutely AMAZING! - For more of my favourite Lego MOCs visit www.matthewfritz....

    Hibernation by Jason Edmiston "A surreal piece about what lies below the tip of an iceberg.....the photos I've seen on the subject are amazing. But what if what lies below is even more surprising? I also wanted to incorporate some pop culture reference, and Star Wars is my favorite." Limited edition of 100, signed and numbered 13" x 19" print on fine art, acid-free paper. Gallery piece 2008. (Original size: 18" x 24", acrylic on wood panel)

    Star Wars Ships.. Gonna need to memorize these so I can keep up with the X wings game..

    Lightsaber Tower Me: no it's a giant alien teleport or an the Doctor is up there with the Ponds, saving the world once again :)

    Invoice from Boba Fett to Jabba the Hutt. I would put this in a frame and hang out in my house just to see how long it would take people to notice

    R2-D2 Pi by Monsterbrick, via Flickr - If you ♥ LEGO, come have a look at LEGO LOVE board pinterest.com/... - I am the French-Israeli designer of “Mademoiselle Alma”. Inspired by my daughter, ALMA, I create Jewelry made from LEGO bricks, SWAROVSKI crystals and of course, a great amount of imagination. *** www.facebook.com/... Hope you LIKE my Facebook page-shop ♥ & www.etsy.com/... #LEGO

    All Future Superhero Movies Should be Given to Pixar

    Stormtrooper shooting target art print via Etsy by purplecactusdesign