You're jealous that I can be a real mom and you can't. That's why you talked shit about my kids. Don't worry bitch you nor your husband will be seeing them again.

Let me judge you back. You always look like an unfortunate gutter skank. Always.

Trust issues..If you didn't trust him then you sure as Hell don't trust him now. Facebook..yes and no. Assumptions..Oh yes, don't believe everything you think. Lack of communication..Talk it out, don't jump to the worst possible solution. Insecurity..We all have them, but don't let it ruin it. HOES..Just the jealous bitches trying to ruin your relationship!

Ouch!!! Watch these videos.these are amazing video.

One day you'll realize what you've now missed out on, and can never get back. Best friends? Well, I thought we were.

Or they have your number and text lies! - Jealous people tell lies to rip relationships apart. Don't believe everything you hear.

Told you to focus on your own life and stop spending so much time stalking and talking about your life is shit and your relationship is failing. And I'm over here like... :) told ya bitch. Karma.

So sad that people have to be that way. I'm so annoyed to see people on social media telling people how wonderful they are and how much they love them and then behind their backs they have NOTHING nice to say about them. Some people don't realize they are like that or WHO they get it from.

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