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    USO !?

    The Unidentified Submerged Objects USO Mystery

    This amazing Russian USO Documentary (GHOST SUBMARINES) was aired on the REN TV in 2006. It is about the strange encounters of the Russian nuclear submarines with the Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs) and UFOs in the oceans etc.

    FB shared Allen Roswell's photo.

    UFO sightings chart circa 1969. From the UK National Archives image gallery.

    Clepsydra or water clock, faience. Egypt, 4th century BCE. One of the earliest known time-keeping devices, water clocks had inner markings which revealed time passed as water ran out of them.

    Phoenician statuettes from Byblos, 19th-18th cent. BCE. Now in the National Museum of Beirut.

    Porfirio Díaz standing next to the Aztec Sun Stone. The Aztec calendar stone, Mexica sun stone, Stone of the Sun (Spanish: Piedra del Sol), or Stone of the Five Eras, is a large monolithic sculpture that was excavated in the Zócalo, the main square of Mexico City, on December 17, 1790. It was discovered while Mexico City Cathedral was being repaired. The stone is approximately 12 feet across and weighs approximately 24 tons.


    Scientists reveal the surprising genetic identity of early human remains from roughly 400,000 years ago in Spain (Atapuerca). New tests on human bones hidden in a Spanish cave for some 400,000 years set a new record for the oldest human DNA sequence ever decoded—and may scramble the scientific picture of our early relatives. The bones were first thought to belong to European Neanderthals, but analysis showed they are genetically closer to the Siberian Denisovans.

    Balic sea ? => Pls, translation from Spain: Multiply the doubts about the 'problem of the Baltic' The group plans to carry out another dive with a more sophisticated equipment which would include cameras to remote control The team of Swedish researchers at the beginning of the month of June was submerged in the Baltic Sea to clarify the mystery surrounding the Baltic 'anomaly' has in recent months, the finding has generated any hypothesis.

    McKee Springs Rock Art by R. Pahre, via Flickr ~ McKee Springs Rock Art McKee Rock Art, probably the most famous figure in Dinosaur National Monument. Image published as part of a newspaper travel story on Dinosaur NM:

    King Hammurabi ruled Babylon, located along the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers, from 1792-1750 BCE. During his time as king he oversaw a great expansion of his kingdom from a city-state to an empire. However, today he is most famous for a series of judgments inscribed on a large stone stele and dubbed Hammurabi's Code.

    The Emerald Tablet - Thought to be the earliest recording of human awareness of the law of attraction.

    Cyclops - Dark side extraterrestrials : lūk, laba bilde, ar ko var pašapliecināties, lai saprastu "3.acs" jeb "zeņica oka" ideju, t.i., transcedentālo redzi un to, ko sauc par "aprioro redzējumu", uz kā bāzes bieži taisa revolūcijas un ekportē karu pat no citu galaktiku puses, -jā, Piena Ceļa galaktika pagaidām ir pēdējā, kas nekaro, bet pārējās galaktikas ir ir maksimāli piepildītas ar robotiem u.c. veida mašīnām, ar kurām ir ļoti grūti cīnīties un 2012. gads ir liecinieks, ka problēmu pietiek.

    Legend Rock Petroglyph Site, WY. Beautiful!!