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Anasazi Cliff Dwellings in Banadalier National Monument, Los Alamos, NM

Northern NM has train service that runs from Belen, NM, south of Albuquerque, up to Santa's the RailRunner!

Fog creates such mystery!

The Valle Grande Caldera is an amazingly huge open space

Big sky means regular rainbows.

Tsankawi is the unexcavated portion of Bandelier National Monument and is well worth a visit.

Tent Rocks is such an interesting geologic formation and close by for a daytrip from Santa Fe.

NM is so gorgeous that we don't even mind the snow.

Bandelier National Monument should be on everyone's American bucket list.

You'll see many a skull here in NM

Our state bird, the roadrunner. They can fly, but they really DO run.

There is nothing quite like a mighty old cottonwood tree....shade and beauty in equal measures.