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  • Marsea Gallagher

    so true, so sad. 50 years ago, would there have been so many girls (and boys!) with eating disorders, body image issues, dieting obsessions and/or the desire to change what they look like by going under the knife?? No!! Because people weren't being fed these false images of what we are supposed to think is normal. I will add normal is everyone's own version there is no one cohesive normal. You choose how you want to live in distress and prisoner of your mind and others narrow opinions of beauty

  • Crystal L

    This is so true. So many people out there that call girls ugly or fat it's because others have shown them this is how it has to be. I will teach my girls body image is not what makes them beautiful, no matter what people who say they love them say about them.

  • Sydney Duncan

    curvy girl quotes

  • Tacha Olson

    Teach your girls they are beautiful, inspire them, be an example. You are their guide to grow.

  • Ericka Kelley

    TRUTH! Its so sad that young girls feel that their bodies are horrible because of what society feels is acceptable. Teaching young people to hate thierselves and have bad eating habits IS NOT acceptable.

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