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  • Anna Bateman

    tower of silence. dakhma Creepy af

  • Emily Berner

    True story which makes it even creepier Can't be real but makes a good scary story

  • Vera Bosgraaf

    Does anybody else smell a doctor who episode? On second thought this would be an EPIC superwholock story... <--- This and it is freeking creepy

  • Alex Fernandez

    Now that sounds like a horror movie. COME ON HOLLYWOOD!

  • Moose Freitas

    WOW CREEPY!! Call the Winchester boys.

  • Amelia Childress

    Not a true story, but very creepy.

  • S•N

    WOW CREEPY!! This sounds like cases for Sherlock Holmes!

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Creepy, but yes >w> reminds me too much of a specific scene

A model during a photo shoot distracted by first plane hitting the twin towers.

This is sad and then the part where it says he's hugging the mutilated bodies of his parents is kind of creepy..

This giant skull was discovered in the India Desert in an area called the Empty Quarter.

Ancient mystery. More like.. Hey we did stupid stuff long ago, let's try something more peaceful this time, kids..

Here is the last chopping block and axe used on Tower Hill. It was used to behead the Earl of Essex, Robert Devereux, a favorite of Queen Elizabeth who was found guilty of treason. On 25 February 1601, he was beheaded on Tower Green, becoming the last person to be beheaded in the Tower of London.

On October 8, 1871, a terrible fire ignited in Chicago. By the time the fire had ripped through businesses and other buildings in town, 300 people were dead, and over 100,000 people were homeless. Some say that scary ghosts began to appear after the fire such as the "Hang Man of the Water Tower" who hung him

Legend and mystery surround this ancient structure. No one knows how old it is, or who built it, or why it was constructed. Estimates for its age vary from eight hundred to two thousand six hundred years. A defensive structure, a lighthouse, a Zoroastrian temple, an observatory, a dakhma (place for disposing of the dead)? The experts cannot seem to make up their minds.

My family totally appreciates this!...and I'm not diabetic. :D

Don't know why this made me laugh so hard

Leaning Tower of Pisa: steps are so worn from centuries of visitors.