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  • Sandy Beaches

    Awesome tip from From the Graphics Fairy. How to find the original Source of an image on Pinterest - also other great ideas in comments...

  • L *freebie* Bailey

    From the Graphics Fairy - how to find original source of crafty pics etc. Genius tip, thanks so xox

  • Tati A.

    pinterest info

  • Joanie O

    How to Find the Original Source of an Image on : graphics fairy- crafts

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great tutorial from the Graphics Fairy on how to locate original image sources on Pinterest

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Given all the hoopla over copyrights and Pinterest, I am sharing this great article about pinning the right way. The best part is that the designer that wrote this article made a little image that can be used on your sites to let people know you are Pinterest friendly. The image is linked at the end of the article. Happy pinning!

How to find the original source for your pins as shared by Pin onto others as you would have them pin onto you :) The golden pin rule...

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Attention fellow pinnets! Please listen to this tip because my boss/husband/kids catch me pinning and it's hard to keep a job/preach about HIS porn/yell at them to quit playing on the computer and get outside when I'm not working/watching PORNTERIST/pale and have carpel tunnel of the pointer due to pinning. So please! Pin from the original post. Thank you @Mondorfment. ;)

Genealogy is not called ancestor or family search or research because it looked sophisticated and complicated (& it can be both), but because you start with a search. The internet has information everywhere...but you need to know how to use a search engine to find it. I find Google to be the best search tool, thus the Google Search Infographic to guide you to the info you need.

How to Google like a boss. More people need to know this. -D