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A small propaganda billboard at the Oak Ridge Facility warning workers to keep silent with regards to anything seen or heard there. The Oak Ridge Facility was where the development of the atom bomb was undertaken. A vast majority of those working at the facility had no idea they were taking part in the Manhattan Project.

The 'Afghan Girl'. Her iconic photo appeared on the cover of National Geographic in 1984. The image of her face, with a red scarf draped loosely over her head and with her piercing sea-green eyes staring directly into the camera, became a symbol both of the 1980s Afghan conflict and of the refugee situation worldwide. The image itself was named "the most recognized photograph" in the history of the magazine. She was finally found and rephotographed in 2002.

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KJ’s State of the Nation: July 4th, 2012

Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe

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Listening to Britain, edited by Paul Addison and Jeremy A Crang


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I know what you need… air of the dog! Photographs reveal how canines were fitted with gas masks during World War Two

Photographs reveal how canines were fitted with gas marks during World War Two.