Love the graphic quality of succulents!!

How to build succulent garden

Succulent Garden

Succulent; NA

Spectacular Succulents

Vertical Succulent Planter. For a bare wall, such a planter becomes much like a living piece of art. Easy to grow plants include dudleyas and sedums. They grow very easily from cuttings. Once established, these plants require little water.

Wow, Succulent Wall Hanging!


Succulents in tubes. I will be using these in the greenhouse this winter to propagate new succulents for next spring

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A cheap, easy beautiful way to create vertical vegetation in my garden!

In The Mood For... Lavender with Turquoise succulents

Succulent wall. Look at all the different types. Beautiful shades and textures.

PLANTS | Colorful cacti

Wall (vertical) garden. It must be very heavy when loaded with wet soil, however!

Little pot wreath with succulents

Succulents Turtle

Old Tree Log Turned into a Succulent Garden