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Check Out My Meat. HAS to be edited.

Check Out My Meat. A local store in our town had this slogan " you just can't beat, Dan Gillis meat" lol I.

The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done: He Who Has Many Eyes and other knitting fables

20 Funny and Weird Knitted Items You Won't Believe Actually Exist: 20 Funny and Weird Knitted Items

This is Fabulous!!!ACTION JEANS!

Vintage Chuck Norris Action Jeans Advertising - Ryan had a pair of these back in the day!

Lady Gaga Signs Book Deal for Post-Apocolyptic Science Fiction Novel, "Meat Suit"

Lady Gaga's meat dress complete with chunky meat-encased ankle boots and a meaty headpiece, debuted at the 2010 MTV VMAs

Human doll meets another human doll    Two Ukranian ladies, Anastasiya Shpagina and Valeria Lukyanova, are gathering attention from all over the world because of their incredible looks that will make one think twice if they are real or not. They achieved their beauty through surgery and make up. People are getting more and more interested in girls looking like dolls. This interest has led to the creation of a fan base following "Human Dolls."

Human Dolls Anastasiya Shpagina & Valeria Lukyanova Hanging out Together, They made themselves the way they wanted & beautiful I might add through lots of makeup & (this is a rumour not fact) surgery.

20 Unbelievably Shocking Vintage Ads: What Were They Thinking? #mediacola

20 Unbelievably Shocking Vintage Ads: What Were They Thinking? #mediacola

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"La Cuisine" S/S 2015 Pictures by Charlotte Abramow Design by Florence Bistarelli Graduate collection


Unusual Lamp with Dogs Poop Switch Button The design may look bizarre; some people perhaps will say it is odious. But for me, the Pooping Dog Lamps created

Happy meal!

Beach Bikini Fashion Fail ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails Not funny~anorexia

Lard.  Because its all about their happiness.

"They're happy because they eat lard" ad, - Who knew the key to happiness is lard?

27 Of The Best Glamour Shots Ever - Gallery

27 Of The Best Glamour Shots Ever

Here are some of the worst family pet portraits from Awkward Family Pet Photos, a website that celebrates when the family pet portrait goes so bad it's good. Awkward Family Pet Photos is due out in paperback in November.