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29 Album Covers That Should Never Have Happened

The WANKAS!! (If you don't know what a wanker is, please look it up...)

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The saucy album covers that really will make you cringe… Vintage ‘mum and dad’ collection showcases hilarious designs from the 1950s

Cha, Cha, Cha

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The Stories of 10 People Featured on Historically Bad Album Covers

I'm so very intrigued by Eddie Mack and The Open Face Sandwich Club. Mostly the Open Face Sandwich Club because I really want to put a hyphen between open and face. And also, is that the only thing they serve at that club? And why does that club have naked ladies in it? Wouldn't that be messy if they're serving exclusively open-faced sandwiches to naked ladies? Saves on dry cleaning, I guess?

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The 27 Most Painfully Awkward Band Photos Of All Time

"Cuz only she can do my hair!" (the great Wayne Cochran)


Album Covers

OK, it's creepy. But the funny thing to me is that the doll has better hair than she does.


19 Unintentionally Terrifying Children's Album Covers

Little Wendy Why Why??! Why not?

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dan wood on

Best of the Worst album covers through the centuries!

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Nirvana - Nevermind LP

I'd like to have "Nevermind", "Bleach", and "The BBC Sessions" on vinyl. Because wow good music.

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Des pochettes d'album dégueulasses

I'll have my love on the rocks with her reflection not only in my mind, but on the glass from which i drink her in.. - WARNING - you can spend hours here viewing and voting for the most outrageous, funny, sexy and silly album covers they can find. Too much fun to be had!

bad album cover 10 15 Wonderfully Awful Album Covers For Your Viewing Displeasure-yikes!