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    • Tina Miller

      Rotary Dial~ Phone numbers used to be according to letter, e.g., Lincoln 54321 So the phone number was 545 321 and that's why we originally had letters on our rotary phones.

    • Glenda

      Rotary dial phones! Remember having to start over when you dialed wrong and the sound of the dial after removing your finger. No auto dialing. Had to dial each phone number from memory or look in the telephone book.

    • Brenda Russo

      Rotary Dial~ Phone numbers used to be according to letter, I still remember my Grandma's number EM3-9785

    • Lynn Norton

      ...rotary dial phones. My first phone number started with UN4. It stood for UNiversity 4. We also had the exchanges BLackstone 3, FRanklin 6, and WAlnut 8.

    • Brenda Doxtator

      A #rotary #dial #phone. These were amazing to us. Before rotary phones, we had party lines, and calls that were made using a lever where we would make one long rotation and then one short.

    • Candace !

      Rotary dial phones. NO ONE I WORK WITH REMEMBERS THESE!! (THEY ARE ALL CHILDREN) I remember when our phone number was "Tucker-three, 9241!"

    • Lisla

      ...rotary dial phones - I remember two phone numbers as a child: 4-4447 and then we moved and our home phone number was 8913!

    • Shelley Montague Ellis

      Rotary dial phones and phone numbers that started with words. Our was MUrry..and then the numbers.

    • A V

      The old rotary telephone dial

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