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cabinet card of a cat "playing" a banjo, date unknown. (wish I could teach my cats to play my banjo.how awesome would that be!


Photo by Johnny Krüger "Mysterious Case of What the Kitty Saw!

The 12 Cats of The Zodiac. Virgo made me laugh hysterically.

Funny pictures about The 12 Cats Of The Zodiac. Oh, and cool pics about The 12 Cats Of The Zodiac. Also, The 12 Cats Of The Zodiac photos.


Oh my goodnes an orange kitten and a black and white kitten sharing an ice cream cone. Too cute! Don't know if icecream is good for them, but it's a great photo!

Cute cat pictures...

10 Scientific Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

Best Friends Forever kitty, me and my best friend do this with our feet, cause we have doo-dads in our hands.

kimin yolunu gözlüyorlar acaba?

Black and white photography ideas and inspiration. I love this photo of Cats Waiting for Fishermen to Return. I love the subject as well as the composition of this image. I am a crazy cat lady after all.

Is this the most adorable thing you have ever seen???

It's my cat in a bowl! It's my cat in a bowl, girllll. Get a bowl from the shelf Put your cat in that bowwwll

We call you mom

How the mantle of crazy cat lady gets pass. " You don't choose the crazy cat lady life, they choose you, ONE OF US, ONE OF USE "