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“Gabby”, John Schmittau, Grade 12 PCCA Gibbs High School, #Art4Literacy

surreal hand-scapes- high school

value scale-each class can do these creative value scale drawings before any realism drawings you may want to do, we have the ebony pencils and should have the good erasers also. Encourage them to have at least a transition of seven areas or more.

printmaking lesson make a whole city with a class-NYC

1 pt Perspective: forget the collage, have kids draw w sharpie, add monochrom color, cut out individual shapes and glue onto ?? background

High School are lesson: 1 pt Perspective/Mixed Media Collage

Art with Ms. Gram: Radial Paper Relief Sculptures (4th/5th)

Rule of Thirds defined - From Goodbye-Art Academy - YouTube

Boerne Independent School District: AP STUDIO 2D DESIGN - Summer Assignments

Tutorial – How to Make Your Own Molds and Molding With Paper Clay

DIY oven bake clay 2 cups cornstarch 2 cups baking soda 1 1/4 cups cold water Food coloring or dye (optional)

Homemade clay to bake in the oven - basic ingredients! EASY:)

No Fire Clay Heads Lesson Plan: Sculpture Activities and Lessons for Children and Kids: KinderArt ®

Water photography ideas - Matthew Brandt

Illusion: I have selected five posts from 2012 that really made me say “Wow.” Popping out of the Sketchbook I recall looking at the ladder drawing (at top) and imagining how it was executed, and why I hadn’t come up with this idea first? It looks so simple, but it is elaborate to create anamorphic art. [...]. illusion.scene360...

really amazing breakdown of how to teach one-point perspective thank you!!

supersonic electronic - Kent Floris transformation/hybrid

oil pastel fruit close-up and crop. High school art lesson: composition, organic shapes, color, implied texture, etc.

Apples Squared - S J Morris

DIY: Create Photographs Using Plant Matter! | Photojojo

This is just the neatest, smartest thing. First, hollow out an egg with a hole on the side, put photographic emulsion on the inside, cover the egg, take it outside, then allow the egg to be uncovered. Then you take it back inside, develop it (it's easy - the author explains how), remove part of the shell around the pin hole, and voilà! You have a photograph *inside the egg on the shell*.

Project: Screen Printing Press

The Clay Conundrum: How to Teach Hundreds of Students While Staying Organized

Teaching Clay Without a Kiln: An Art Teacher's Resource. The Art of Ed. I would like to review some methods I have used in the past, as well as some other products floating around out there. This guide is meant to help all art teachers (and art enthusiasts) make the best decision when working without a kiln, but still have that passion and desire to expose their students to quality clay experiences.