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True story.

amazing. <3

Wonderful Article about what real men think about women dressing modestly! This is soooo encouraging to me!!!

good advice

You say... God says


Max Lucado :)

Such a precious truth to instill in our daughters.

This quote is incredible

yep found him and he does all of this

This is good, but sometimes God watches while you screw things up! DON'T use the Lord as your excuse for failure!

Daughter of God :)

I tell my son that when he is going through a major area of suffering in his life, it's because God has to put us through bootcamp before we can be soldiers and God must have REALLY big plans for his life as a soldier.


I wish every girl understand this it is so important! ! Don't settle YOU are worth more then that!!!

The deepest level of worship...

Lord God Mold Me!

Every girl needs to put this on her mirror.