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    Official Cannes Film Festival Poster artwork for Nicolas Winding Refn’s film, Drive, featuring Ryan Gosling. More Sizes:

  • Fabi

    Drive. My favorite movie of 2011.

  • Diana Castillo

    Hahaha I love these "hey girl" things, almost as much as I like watching Ryan gosling.

  • Angel Liu

    Drive. Me Crazy. There was much ado about this Scorpion jacket Ryan Gosling wore. I wish I could say the same about the movie - I couldn't finish it.

  • Grace Snyder

    #Drive #ryangosling

  • Aesthetica Eclectica

    Scorpion jacket from "Drive" The choice of the jacket made me feel the character of the driver is a little boy in his "badass" uniform. He has identity issues and thinks he is only worthy as one thing, his role as the driver. But he wants to break free of this role and become more of a whole person. Enter Irene a single mom. Why is he so drawn to her? My theory is she reminds him of his mother.

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Hey girl. When Foucault asked whether or not we need a theory of power, he'd clearly never met YOUR bad @$$.

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the University Of Saskatchewan conducted research in which they divided undergraduates into two groups. One group was shown Feminist Meme Ryan Gosling and the other group was just shown images of Gosling without the feminist messages. The participants then answered a questionnaire regarding their feelings about gender equality. [...] Feminist Ryan Gosling caused a 10% increase in male participant’s feminism. Being a living example of integrity is still the best way to teach the young

i do like cuddling :) and gender is totally a social construct. ryan is so smart :)

Hey girl, you built a room of your own and a room in my heart. Oh Feminist Ryan Gosling, you touch me.

hey girl ryan gosling...I get tired of all the posts with him, but this one made me laugh out loud!

Hey girl, Let's do some rhetorical analysis of your bedroom. -Feminist Ryan Gosling Meme

Hey girl, How 'bout you go and have a sewing day with your friends - and I'll cook dinner and have it ready for you when you come home. And then let's cuddle for dessert.

When Foucault asked whether or not we need a theory of power, he'd clearly never met your bad ass. Ryan Gosling.