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9-11 tribute in Paris, France

Sept 11 remembered: A giant US flag lines the ground during memorial event marking the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center in the US, on Place Trocadero, near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, 11 September

Famous Last Words: Are you guys ready? Let's roll. Who: Todd Beamer, passenger on United Flight 93, September 11, 2001. Note: These are his last recorded words, coming at the end of a cell phone call before Beamer and others attempted to storm the airliner's cockpit to retake it from hijackers who were part of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The plane crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Heroism "Are you guys ready? Let's Roll!" ~ Todd Beamer was an American software salesman passenger aboard United Airlines Flight 93 which was hijacked as part of the September 11 attacks. Act of Gallantry ~ NEVER FORGET

Ground Zero, New York City, N.Y. (Sept. 17, 2001) -- An aerial view shows only a small portion of the crime scene where the World Trade Center collapsed following the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.  Surrounding buildings were heavily damaged by the debris and massive force of the falling twin towers.  Clean-up efforts are expected to continue for months.  U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer's Mate Eric J. Tilford.  (RELEASED)

How come I've never seen this photo? 171 windows Terrorist attack World Trade Center in New York, in this Sept. 2001 The World Trade Center Complex, i. Ground Zero, from the Millenium Hilton Hotel

911 Cross. Remembering all who died on such a tragic, world changing day as well as their family members and all of the soldiers who have continuously been fighting since then to protect our country and keep our country free to this day.

Rumor: American Atheists are opposing the incorporation of the Ground Zero Cross into the September 11 museum.

9/11 North Tower is struck and Fire fighters respond...not knowing the tragedy to come. #WorldTradeCenter Twin Towers (Two of the 4 Targets of #911) Remembering and Honoring the Heroes of 9-11-2001

NEVER FORGET. Assistant Chief Gerard A. Barbara looks up at the burning towers of the World Trade Center on September 2001 in New York City. Moments later he would go in, never to return. (Photo by David Handschuh/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

History repeating itself

Shedding a light on the psyche of war: Zippo lighters from U. troops fighting in Vietnam give a unique insight into life under fire

stand up

I will never Apologize for being American No never. If your aren't proud to be American and Willingly respect the USA! Go back to your ancestors home land. I'd respect your country. Please respect mine. Have self respect and respect for others!

Winter's Evening In Paris

Paris street lights "Winter Evening, Montmartre" by GeorgianaLane. ///// lights in the lamps light up the dark streets but also lead to something.

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The schoolchildren who shared America's darkest moment: Ten years on the class of 9/11 relive the moment Bush heard the news

September 2001 — During a reading of "The Pet Goat" at Sarasota's Emma E. Booker Elementary School, Chief of Staff Andrew Card informs President George Bush that a second airplane has struck the Twin Towers at New York's World Trade Center.

Flour Sacks

Kansas Wheat The company learned women were using the sacks to make clothes for their children, so the mill did something kind and decent: they started using floral fabric so the children would have prettier clothes (their logo/label would wash out).

a soldier returns home!!!

They always get a picture of the girlfriend or wife of the soldier, instead of a family member. I love this picture. It shows how much a father is proud of his son and it truly melts my heart.

Where were you when you heard? Pres. Bush learning of the attacks while reading My Pet Goat to children in Sarasota FL.

A picture I'll never forget: President George W. Bush was informed by his chief of staff Andrew Card of the attacks on the World Trade Center during a school reading event in Sarasota, Florida.

This 9/11 video tribute contains powerful visual reminders that are no longer shown on TV and music that will speak to your heart.

Woah! This 9/11 Tribute Video Has To Be The Best One Ever!

This video tribute contains powerful visual reminders that are no longer shown on TV and music that will speak to your heart.