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Originally this was just a grassy field with flowers (Campo de’ Fiori means just that), this square has been one of Rome’s vegetable and fruit market since the Middle Ages. It still is, vibrant with the cries of the vendors selling their wares. “Try these fresh peaches!”, says an elderly lady to me as I pass by. They do look good – they are deliciously sweet too.

Rome. Caput Mundi – Capital of the World. Where to start? You can spend years here and still not see it all. So many ages, so many cultures, so many people. The cascade of tourists on the Spanish Steps. The cords of pilgrims visiting the holy places.


Double Rainbow Pancakes

Rainbow of deliciousness!

Across this square strode Octavian Augustus Caesar when he went to see the temple his admiral and friend Marcus Agrippa had built to honor all the gods (just in case one was missed) after they had defeated Antony and Cleopatra at Actium.