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    Compost tea

    The Secrets to Making Great Compost Tea

    How to compost--from siting the pile to testing if it's done. | Illustration: Sean Kelly |

    DIY Compost Tea

    compost tea

    Good Composting Tips

    Tips on planting tomatoes

    DIY Pallet your own compost with 5 pallets and some hardware! Super cheap and great for your garden. fabulesslyfrugal....

    Improving Clay Soils



    Chamomile tea is a cure-all for fungal diseases It’s a little-known fact that chamomile tea has antibacterial and fungicidal properties that will aid plants suffering from fungus and mildew. I often make a simple brew for my sickly plants. Place 16 chamomile tea bags (or 2 cups of dried chamomile flowers) in 2 quarts of water, and simmer for 20 minutes...

    Composting using a 5 gallon bucket.

    Mother Natures Best Fertilizers and Bug Repellents

    tomato plant irrigation. Add food /compost. Makes a tea

    Homemade Miracle Grow, aka compost tea... basically egg shells & coffee grounds that sit in a cool spot for about a week

    Grow comfrey for compost


    Compost screen that fits over a wheelbarrow. Use to remove sticks and rocks from your compost

    Deluxe Pyramid Composter $169.00 Seems like what I want, but will the open bottom be a mess? Can I stand it on concrete?

    Many people, from gardeners to farmers to environmentalists, choose to compost for a variety of reasons.�Composting is easy, and it has many benefits for the environment and your own backyard. Here's how to start! via @SparkPeople