Compost tea

Compost Tea: Instructions for making and using compost tea. Protect your plants and supercharge their growth with this powerful earth juice recipe.

Gardening: Controlling Leaf Eating Pests - a brew of water, dish soap, garlic, and red pepper flakes to spray on leaves and repell aphids.

Brew compost Tea The Easy Way: Compost tea is the best fertilizer you can get, and it is totally natural and organic. Brewing this wonderful concoction yourself is an easy way to supercharge your vegetable garden.

The Secrets to Making Great Compost Tea

Composting Basics for the Beginner How To Get Started With Composting

an article on what you can compost. love it.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Plants ~ Recognized by the United States EPA as an organic treatment ~ treats soil for pests ~ fights root rot ~ removes chlorine, chemical pesticides and any organics that may be present in treated water. Link has full instructions on application.

cold-weather composting

Neaten up your soaker hoses - use quick releases for easy winter pickup

compost tea

The Magic Of Manure & How To Use It In Your Garden


Homemade Miracle Grow, aka compost tea... basically egg shells & coffee grounds that sit in a cool spot for about a week

The benefits of WOOD ASH in the garden. the compost.

7 Nutrient-Rich Brews Your Plants Will Love :

How to Make Your Own Compost Like a DIY Pro | Greatist

Lady bugs are a natural pest control. Keep more of them around by filling a 4"x1' long tube with sticks. The lady bugs will make it their home and watch over your garden.

compost fence...this is really cool.

[compost bin] I really like the design of this composter

Composting turns kitchen and yard scraps into a marvelous soil amendment, and you don't have to do much to accomplish this stunning transformation. Follow the links to learn all about the benefits of composting, composting systems, building a compost bin, managing your compost, compost tea, and worm composting.