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I love the mix of old and new as well as a touch of unexpected: mismatched chairs, and gorgeous Ikat fabric on one...

How To Finish Decorating Your Home

When I moved to Austin a few years ago, I had nothing but two overweight suitcases in tow. I spent months making trips to and from stores trying to equip my more

Decorating with Ikat

Neutral solids are always a good bet when playing matchmaker with ikat. The singular shade offers the eye a much-needed breather from the mu...

8 Great Living Rooms & Why They Work

the white shelf with the art makes for a lovely gallery-in-rotation, which is perfect for Etsy print collectors to move stuff around without hammering into the wall each time I decide to change things up!

Room Makeover: Refreshed and Improved Living Room

Tucked-Away Space. Love the bookshelf. Would like one around my large kitchen window with a window seat with storage included.