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"Once we recognize that all matter is actually energy, we can begin to form a new vision of ourselves and the world around us. We begin to realize that our surroundings are not what they seem." ~ William Buhlman ~

Rainbow falls … – Nature Is Beautiful - let me must say, this is what I picture Heaven to look like

And in this ethereal kingdom, hidden deep within the shadows of the forest, where no mere earthly soul was ever permitted to enter, begins the story of Orestes the Powerful. He hadn't always been the powerful, in fact he started out as rather the opposite, you see... ( ok I'm off to write the rest of the story in my journal, but only thanks to this picture...)

Friday August 31, 2012 - Blue Moon tonight. Take a moment to set your intentions for health, regeneration, rejuvenation and the rekindling of lost dreams. Please repin to spread the love magic and abundance of blessings available to all...

From the legend of the giant who fell in love with the moon. He knelt and cried tears of joy at the very sight of her. Yet every morning they turned to bitter weeping that she had gone. So he climbed the highest mountain he could find so that he could watch her longer. For years he knelt and wept until the mountain, in despair over his grief, turned him into stone. Yet you can still see his flow of tears.

"Welcome To My World" by N-Deed. N-Deed is a British digital artist that creates amazing airbrushed paintings, through which he envisions magical worlds, dark and subtle characters and much more. You can view more of his work by clicking on the image and following him on deviantART.

*walks up the steep hill to the waterfall* *looks around nervously* Anna: I hope no one saw me... *jumps into the water*