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Waffenrock from the first half of the 15th century, Heimatmuseum, Stendal


One of two almost identical extant examples of padded military garment, 1440-60, Holstentor Museum, Lübeck


A beautiful posthumous painting of Isabel of Castile; Renaissance Queen of Spain along side her husband Ferdinand of Aragon II. Isabel was mother to Juana of Castile & Katharine of Aragon.


Viborg linen smock, Complete reconstruction Instruction! 11th century Viking tunic. An accurate SCA Garb Option, also a great project for A competition!

Shame Mask. Worn as punishment to shame a person convicted of a minor crime. From the Medieval Crime Museum in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.


For medieval physicians, the mnemic apparatus of choice was what is sometimes today known as a folding almanac or a belt book. There are thought to be just 29 such almanacs that have survived to the present day. The almanacs contained detailed astrological calendars, lunar tables, diagrams of the human body and so on necessary for the practice of lunar medicine during the 15th century. They were small and strung onto a cord that attached to a physcian’s girdle or belt.