fingerprint about yourself - poetry unit possibility

Thumbprint Biography

Would love to do this on Day 1. Ink pad, white paper, writing tool and a photocopier. "Let every student make a fingerprint on white paper. Next, blow up their fingerprints using the photocopier (8×10 or larger). Then, Have your kids write words and phrases about themselves along the lines and whorls of their fingerprints, and sign."

Thumbprint Self-Portrait | TeachKidsArt Kids made this based on their real thumbprint. Then fill it in with a narrative about themselves!

love this

Creating Blackout Poetry. What a great idea for reading, writing poetry, and artistic expression.

Teachable Moments: Art Journaling: Quotes

Writing prompts.

Website where students can upload photos of themselves and fill it with words about themselves and their interests! I think this would be great for a poetry unit.

Birds for the wall

Using an ink pad, have each student put their fingerprint on a piece of white paper. Using a photocopier, enlarge the fingerprint to about the size of a face. Giving students prompts for ideas (such as: I like, I adore, I am, I want to, I long for, I don't understand, I live for, I eat, My family is, etc.) have them trace over enlarged fingerprint with the phrases about them.

Art Journaling: Links to pics of lots of beautiful lettering by Valerie Sjodin, part of a prompt series she worked on, "An A to Z of Me."

Inspiring...enlarge your own stamped fingerprint, print out and use carbon paper to copy the fingerprint cut/paste/write/colour/ write memories/phrases/poems or something personal...more suggestions?

Great way for students to display their own poetry.

found poetry

cool art journal prompt

"My students last year loved having whole class journals to write in. They had a chance to write in them during Work on Writing, and a chance to read them during Read to Self. I made up a new set of 8. At the moment they are pretty plain covers, but once a student writes in it they have the option of choosing a sticker from my collection to place on the front cover. The stickers show me how many kids have tackled each topic."

This is a GREAT short video to use as you begin your poetry unit!

Birgits Daily Bytes: Art Journaling- cool tutorial showing an easy, quick way to transfer (portions or all) of text or another image onto your page with modge podge :)

Notebook, Craft, Bullet Journal, Smashbook Prompts, Sketchbooks Journals, Drawing

Happy - Art Journal Page For Carabelle Studio - My scrapping life - love this art journal page!