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I. Love. Oliver Wood.  bummed he didn't appear more often in the later movies...

Best Harry Potter pick up line EVER! If a guy likes me, get some funny HP pick up lines!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter "Don't let the Muggles get you down" Medium, pale blue square mug - Hand Painted Quote Mug with Owls via Etsy.

One day these will be mine.

Parenting: You're Doing It Right (totally did dress my almost 2 yr old son up as Ron for Halloween this year, his friends were Harry and Hermione, and all the parents were professors)

Hopefully it's not that damn Voldemort again.

Would have been a great ending to that movie…

"Hopefully it's not that damn Voldemort again." No one is ever going to forget that Daniel Radcliffe will ALWAYS be Harry.

Voldemort vs. Darth Vader Photo: Darth Vader reads Harry Potter

Even Darth Vader reads Harry Potter because . Wallpaper and background photos of Darth Vader reading HP for fans of Harry Potter images.


it's kind of sad that this is kind of true. I mean, I know my US History, but HP is just so fantastic. HP:the back of my hand::US History:the top of my foot