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Gamelan orchestra Gamelan music is the most popular and important kind in Indonesia. Gamelan orchestras accompany all dances and dramas. Gamel means ‘to hammer’, and most of the instruments of a gamelan orchestra are struck with wooden mallets, padded sticks or hammers.The conductor of a gamelan orchestra is a drummer who is part of the orchestra.

Traditional Musical Instruments. Now this is exactly ( along with an upright Piano) how I have seen my Musical Corner when I start. This lovely collection has inspired me to get moving...literally!

Men playing Balinese gamelan at St. Regis Bali Resort, Bali, Indonesia.

Chinese Musical Instrument: Gu-zheng. Traditional Chinese musical instrument with 21 strings. There are Guzhengs with even more strings

Antique brass instrument on display at the Musical Instrument Museum in Brussels, Belgium

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The Bodhran

Irish Bodhran - skin drum: history & info.