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Determined to look like this. Do this routine before every shower: 50 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 mountain climbers, and 30 second plank. Great Challenge Idea!

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Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Motivation: I plan on losing 15 pounds and I expect to see results by morning. (lol... we totally understand her)


2-Week Workout Plan to Lose Inches

Before shower routine for days that I don't feel like going to the gym?

#March29 Burpees For Big Boobies (12-50/10) 1. (2) Push Ups + Clean & (2) Squat Jumps w/Sandbag 2. Ninja Tuck Jump + Press & Lunge w/Sandbag 3. Shoulder Lift + Drop + (2) Push-Ups + Tuck Jump (Alt btwn shoulders) w/Sandbag 4. (10) Mtn Climbers + (10) High Knees w/Ugi Ball 5. 1/2 Burpee Push Ups + Upright Row w/Sandbag 6. Push Up + Touch Knees

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24 Fitness Quotes More Motivating Than Tony Horton on Crack

Just the fitspiration you need to get you off your butt and to the gym--pronto