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  • Maggie Parsley

    I love fall time!! I want this hot & humid summer business to be over!

  • Lyddia Capone

    Autumn..... Not to mention its football season! :)

  • Tabia Kubos

    Autumn- I love Fall weather the most!

  • Rachel Dunn

    Autumn- SO TRUE. I LOVE FALLS...the crisp air, the leaves, the smell of burning leaves, apple cider, fall clothes, fall air fall decorations..I JUST LOVE FALL!

  • Eva Doornink

    I love fall. cANT wait for it to be here

  • Anne L

    i love fall... soo looking forward to it!

  • Trish Dee

    Autumn. Love fall weather

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Not ready to let go of 10 o'clock ice cream/Rita's runs, and outdoor adventures with the boys, but if I have to say goodbye to these things autumn is the next best thing.

I remember the day I fell in love with you..."kindygarden" field trip to nature! Can still remember like it was yesterday.

Canvi destació! i... Llimonada! / Cambio de estación! y... Limonada! - Entre núvols de cotó

The end of summer is upon us...but at least we have all of this to look forward to!

"Brace yourselves. Pumpkin flavored everything is coming." for bradley lol

my favorite season which is why I named my daughter Autumn, it it the most beautiful, colorful season of the year.

Autumn...Fall...same thing, right?...Unless you're me, of course. Then it's two distinctly different seasons

Fall can't come soon enough…(ThingsWannLoves, FALL for it Every Year)

Wise, wise, wise words - if only Sheeple could read. If the Sheeple would only believe the wise who have seen things they wouldn't believe.