Penn Badgley

penn badgley looks like a serious dudebro here. I still love him.

penn badgley

Sam Page. Actually perfect. From Whitefish Bay, WI, on Gossip Girl, Greek, went to Princeton, and formal J Crew model. Marry me?

penn badgley

Chris Pine - oh hello . . .

penn badgley<3

Penn Badgley for the February-March 2010 issue of Wonderland magazine by Mariano Vivanco

Not my favorite serie but i think every girl habe to know this! Im in Team Blair and Chuck their such a cute couple omg ❤

nick jonas he isn't little anymore...

Colin Farrell

um hello ;)

andrew garfield hot!;)


Johnny Depp, Chocolat


oh hey

Mmmmmmm, soccer boys <3