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    The jicama root, sometimes called the Mexican potato, is native to New Mexico, southern Texas and Mexico. It tastes something like an apple and has the consistency of a potato, but contains less starch and fewer calories. For these reasons, jicama roots make a healthy, sweet addition to coleslaw and...

    How to Sprout a Jicama Root and grow it.

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    • Dr. Maguire

      Jicama. Low in calories but high in fiber, this lesser-known root vegetable is a pleasant change of pace from more common veggies.

    • Amanda Wiseman

      Jicama, Low in calories but high in fiber, this lesser-known root vegetable is a pleasant change of pace from more common veggies. Its crisp texture and slight sweetness is especially refreshing in the summer. Try it cut into sticks, sliced into salads or shred it for tacos. Read More Sign up for iVillage Special Offers

    • Diana Levanti

      Jicama - Low in sugar and salt and no fat. Eat raw, or saute for the crunch effect.

    • The Children's Learning Center

      How to Grow a Red Onion From a Store Bought Red Onion | eHow

    • Laura Derry Newton

      How to Grow a Jicama Plant | Everything but root is poison!

    • Amy Phetteplace

      How to Grow Jicama (9 Steps) | eHow

    • Lindsey Zuniga

      How to Sprout a Jicama Root | eHow

    • Brenda Ewald Kirsch

      Foods to eat to be healthy

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