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The 16 most famous hyperrealist painters of the world

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Roberto Bernardi - These are paintings!!!

Photorealistic Paintings by Roberto Bernardi ducesssss viva la vida dulce!

Roberto Bernardi paintings that look like photoa

Hyperrealistic paintings by Roberto Bernardi Great still life compositions

Photorealist painters, Roberto Bernardi, Eric Christensen and Steve Mills created these unbelievable hyper-realistic paintings

Willem Kalf or, I'm told, an Ellice contemporary photo of a Kalf like setting

  • Heta Davis

    You know that's a photo by Rachel Ellice, right? 2011...

  • Sam Pryor

    @Heta Davis. Uh...yeah...sure...of course. Do now. Thanks!

  • Heta Davis

    I know, it's hard to tell sometimes. I happened to see this at Flickr some time ago and since I have a "photographic memory" (off and on - older I get) I recognized it...

  • Heta Davis

    Plus those Dutch masters were often that good...

  • Sam Pryor

    AND Ellice deliberately recreates the 17th C. Dutch still life kind of image. She sure had me fooled. I should have noticed the iPod in the shadow (I jest).

Breaking Bad, Hyperrealism In Colored Pencils - I'd be more impressed with this if it was done from memory only. I can do images like this from photos, but that's only copying what you see. Drawing what you can't see takes imagination and the ability to remember and render detail accurately only from memory. THAT'S real skill.

  • Janessa Sarmiento

    I'm pretty sure it's impossible to memorize every single little pore on someones face, and make a hyperrealistic piece. I agree, it would be more impressive if you make something like this from your imagination, and if you can do that, then that's awesome, but if you wanted to draw someone like a celebrity, I think you would need an image.

  • Tyler Thomason

    If you went back in time and asked some of the greatest artists if they drew from their mind they'd probably say no.

  • Reagan Rademacher

    Maybe he did. It never showed a picture, just the drawing that he did.

  • Reagan Rademacher

    Probably not though

Bryan Drury - Oil on wood | 27 Stunning Works Of Art You Won't Believe Aren't Photographs- I love the look on this lady's face... It embodies everything that's wrong with our current conception of beauty and age..