Sunday Sketches – Christoph Niemann

(Practice) Sunday Sketches – Christoph Niemann: Inspiration to do a sketch a day, sometimes using objects around me.

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Sunday Sketching project by nbsp Christoph horse

horse - Experiments by Christoph Niemann 2015

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Christopher Niemann is an artist who's bursting at the seams with creativity. When he's not drawing clever and insightful cartoons for the New York Times and


Sunday Sketching: Gotta know when to fold 'em.

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Christoph Niemann / portfolio / Various 04 - Food Associations, Dohahaha! Faves: the pretzel and the fried egg (sunny side up)

Bagel Shaving

New Christoph Neimann Illustrations Incorporating Ordinary Objects That Complete the Intended Image

Sunday Sketching project by Christoph Neimann, using ordinary objects such as socks, scissors,.

Sunday sketches (18) by Christoph Niemann

Sunday sketches (18)

Creative Sketches That Incorporate Everyday Objects

Sunday Sketching on Instagram

30 Clever Drawings Completed Using Everyday Objects

Christoph Niemann

This week’s Sunday sketch will be featured on the cover of the new issue of


Creative Everything by Christoph Niemann - Art People Gallery

Beach Art Print featuring the painting Summer Sky by Christoph Niemann

Summer Sky Art Print by Christoph Niemann

Stunning Christoph Niemann Illustrations for The New Yorker – Fubiz Media

Christoph Niemann

Abstract The Art of Design: o Ilustrador Christoph Niemann - Decostore

Christoph Niemann , часть вторая (часть первая )

Live It - christophniemann: Sunday Sketching: time

Javier Perez (cintascotch) - Designer from Ecuador

New Quirky Visual Experiments by Christoph Niemann

Artist Christoph Niemann, known for blending everyday objects into his witty illustrations—last featured for completing his artworks with.