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Fair isn't....

"Fair Is"

No Name Board- This is a great way to display no-name papers so that all the kids can see them. This would also teach students responsibility with making sure their work is turned in with their name on it. -JN

Bravo Board- weekly winner is the "Bravo Table" that gets a small trophy on their desk for the whole next week. I like the emphasis on group cooperation/teamwork! It's a better lesson to teach the kids than individual competition and it has the added benefits of behavior management!

Come up with classroom expectations as a class and have each student sign the poster to hold them accountable for the expectations they helped create. This would be great in an upper elementary classroom!

Use with the book The Peaceful Classroom by Naomi Drew and the No, David books by David Shannon to set up classroom rules and distinguish a peacemaker from a peacebreaker.