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    • Katie Holley

      Upside down command hook. How to hang a wreath on a cabinet door, I bet this would work on the front door too, where my wreath hanger hookie thing is too thick for the door to shut when it's hanging there

    • Sue Suanne Sperl Henninng

      upside down command hook... to hang wreath on cabinet door or storm door

    • Jenny Barquera

      This would work amazing for my front door because its metal and i cant really put a nail or hook on the outside of the door! So what you do is Put a command strip upside down to hang a wreath on a cabinet door or any door really!

    • Tonya Reaves

      Love the upside down command hook idea!

    • Erica Colberg

      upside down Command hooks to hang wreaths on cabinet doors. Use for front door for holidays? Easier than a plastic over the door hook.

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    Totally doing this! Great idea to hold menus, coupons, loose papers inside a cabinet door.

    Totally doing this! Great idea to hold menus, coupons, loose papers inside a cabinet door.

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    great tips