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tooth fairy pillow with chart. This is an awesome idea. Although I would make mine a bit more jazzy.. :)

Tooth Fairy Pillow! Love this... no need to wake them up sliding money under the pillow... you can just hang it on their door!

Tooth fairy pillow. I have a 1st grader and Kindergartener...many teeth to come!!

such a cute idea - but the tooth fairy visited us for the last time last month =[ kids group up way too fast. Anyways i want to show this to my kids once they start bringing the grandbabies on =] Tooth fairy gift... Dollar basket and tiny note

toothfairy letter ... here's to all my new momma's... have fun!

Adding new ideas to help with new and fun experiences for both my kids and for me as a parent to create a memorable and loving childhood for them.

LOVE THIS! Tooth fairy takes tooth from water glass. Colors the water, the color of her dress. Hot pink, purple, red w sparkles..who knows. Then leaves new toothpaste, sugarless gum, and of course some money under the pillow.

TOOTH fairy pillow with chart. 1 pillow. handmade by lisa of looploft.. $25.00, via Etsy.. I LOVE THIS! Why didn't I make something like this for my oldest 2. Is it unfair to do it for the younger ones?!?