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Simple, yet compelling winter art project for kids. The snowman looking up makes it unique. The materials are straightforward, and this would make a great snow day art project at home or school!

Christmas/Winter - Activity to go with the book "Snowmen at Night" - The First Grade Parade

Art Christmas/Winter - Activity to go with the book Snowmen at Night - The First Grade Parade lesson-plan-ideas

Snow better time to read a good Book! Read It Again!: Snow fun at Story Time Use for bulletin board, with "Snow is falling, books are calling".

Easy and doable holiday art project for those last few days before break.

This snowman is easy to make with construction paper shapes (circles, squares, and a triangle) and a Q-tip for painting simple white snow dots.

sneeuwman in close-up

Drawings of the same snowmen face or part of the face from different points of view: front, side, above, from underneath, upside down etc. Colored with oil pastels. Outline everything with black oil pastel.

I Love Snowmen

A delicate snowflake dances on the nose of the snowman, bringing him joy in the grey winter sky. This is an original acrylic painting on

Snowman in a bag.  Great for messy time. Give it a try. Make sure to add a LOT of shaving cream so will "squish".

Another Great Snowman Idea! Snowman in a bag - sticker eyes and mouth on a baggie, shaving cream, glitter and a orange fun foam nose inside. Also, tape the opening closed!

Simple construction paper snowmen with snow that could be adapted for many age levels. Shared from Second Grade Nest: Winter Crafts and Currently

Snowflake stamp art activity for kids

Winter Snowflake Stamp Art

Sugar Aunts: Winter Snowflake Stamp Art Snowflake stamp art activity for kids Really want excellent hints on arts and crafts?

Snowstorm in a Bag Preschool Activity

Preschool Activity- Snowstorm in a Bag