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nine banded long nose armadillo photo: Tom Brakefield

Eating armadillos blamed for leprosy - Health - Infectious diseases

Armadillo - Little Armored Animals | Animal Pictures and Facts | FactZoo.com

Armadillos - Little Armored Animals


Armadillo to ball in four easy steps - The southern three-banded armadillo and the Brazilian three-banded armadillo, are the only species of armadillos capable of rolling into a complete ball to defend themselves.


This is what an Armadillo looks like when he balls up in defense of danger. Biologist Rodrigo Cerqueira holds an Armadillo named Ana Botafogo in honor of the Brazilian dancer at the Rio Zoo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wednesday, May

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coffeenuts: “ drxgonfly:Armadillo, Texas speed bump (by Patrick Berden) ”


The Armadillo: Prehistoric Armour-Clawed Mammal. Armadillos are amazing diverse creatures. Armadillos can swim even though they naturally sink.

The jaguarundi or eyra cat (Puma yagouaroundi), is a small, wild cat native to Central and South America. In 2002, the IUCN classified the jaguarundi as Least Concern, although they considered it likely that no conservation units beyond the megareserves of the Amazon Basin could sustain long-term viable populations.

A jaguarondi, also called the eyra cat, is a small-sized wild cat native to Central and South America. It is also found along the US/Mexico border. It is endangered. Locals say it makes a terrifying scream.

Ocelot standing on a Buttress root, Amazon rainforest #SS13 inspiration

Ocelot (Felis Pardalis) Standing on Buttress Root, Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador

Ocelot Leopardus Pardalis Standing Print By Pete Oxford