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How to grow 110lb of potatoes in 4 square feet

rumor has it that commercial potatoes are one of the 4 worst foods you can eat. but i love potatoes. [how to grow 100 lbs. of potatoes in 4 square feet]

Growing Potatoes

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How to grow 100 pounds of potatoes in 4 square feet step by step DIY tutorial instructions. I didn't get 100 lb but I did this and it WORKS!

This shows how to grow your own pineapple plant from the top of one you already have. I would love to see if this works.

Going to try this again, last one just went soft and wouldnt root. ~Grow Your Own Pineapple Plant - ok, I can't lie. I thought pineapples grew on trees. My mind is blown & I want to grow a pineapple plant.

Reclaiming water for garden use.

How to Build a Rain Barrel

How to Build a Rain Barrel. A dual barrel system that uses atmospheric pressure to equalize the water volume in both rain barrels. Use the water from your rain barrels to water your plants.-----great idea and can help save money!

Pick Veggies, Wash with Hose

Oh boys.I have a new scout project for you. : ) DIY Veggie Hod - This is a neat basket to put your fresh picked veggies in. Once they are in the basket just turn the hose on them to rinse them off.

painted strawberry rocks =)

20 reasons to paint rocks

Could this be so? Stones painted as strawberries when put around strawberry plants in the spring will keep birds from eating your ripened berries. Birds experience the stones first and will think the ripened berries are rocks.

I need this .... and a cellar to put it in

Homestead Building Projects

If I only had a cold storage room :-( Hat tip to Canning Granny for the idea. Barrels turned into storage bins in the root cellar for winter food such as apples, onions, potatoes and squash.

Carrots in pots and the greenery is pleasing as well for a patio plant

How to Grow Carrots in Pots. Many gardeners may hesitate to grow carrots in pots, assuming that a pot will not offer the carrots adequate room to grow. While it is true that many standard length carrots are stunted when grown in.

How to Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes in 4 Square Feet. They're fairly low maintenance, can be grown in a pot or in the ground, last a fairly long time if stored properly, and can be very nutritious (high in potassium and vitamin C). #gardening #growingtips

How to Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes in 4 Square Feet

The journey of planting a potato. link has info on how to garden and what to plant with lots of pictures. Garden with your kids - they will love it!

Excellent return on investment - turn 3 seed potatoes to of potatoes in 100 days. - Raised Urban Gardens www.