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Can't help it. It's extremely frustrating, and extremely unfortunate for anyone around me.

A defense of the Stormtroopers

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That awkward moment when you realize: You (Pac-Man) are the villain of the game.

These blast-points... Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.

From a Star Wars Rifftrax: "Weren't all these stormtroopers cloned from one guy?" "Yes. I think it was a fifth grade math teacher who lived with his mom!"

  • Tree Rat

    The meme is played out. People need to focus on the fact that Jango Fett must have been a horrible shot. Early stormtroopers were just clones after all.

  • Anna Beth Swatzell

    Actually they COULD hit their targets, but it was for the sake of the plotline that they didn't shoot the characters.

  • Devin Blake

    They sure hit a lot a jedi when Order 51 was executed. AND I DO MEAN EXECUTED.

  • Charis Boyer

    No stormtroopers were no all created from one guy that was the clones and eventually all the clones died because they age twice as fast, so the empire recruited humunoids that they trained very poorly.

  • Covinskey

    Most of those humanoids were conscripts from the planets the Empire had captured, and most of the training efforts went into brainwashing them into Imperial soldiers so they wouldn't rebel.

Everyone chill the fuck out...

Oh oh I want it!

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