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This is why... I try to avoid this as much as possible in my life today... Life is too short to not say what you need to say

never assume that every critic is a hater. not everyone is hating on you. some people are telling you the truth ☺️

So true - Dream BIG! If the dream you are striving for doesn't work out, something even better is coming! #goals #nofear

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Words of Wisdom

This is exactly how I feel when you receive bad customer service and see someone losing it on the worker. Seriously- kindness gets you everything you want and sometimes more!

I have tried to live a good life, being good to people and giving good to people. BUT .... there comes a time in life that you begin to feel as though you can't try one more time because it will just F it up!

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"if i could unmeet some people (i.e. narcissists who sleep with someone else while your are his finace and tells you that he loves you while being on a dating site) Evil and deceitful cruel.