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  • Ann Chavez

    sole mates high heel protector... great to give bridesmaids and guests for outdoor weddings great idea even tho most of us will prob end up barefoot

  • Hannah Kloskey

    I've never seen these! What a great idea! Soulmates- they're these protective caps to save your heels when you're going to be in grass or rough terrain- they come in several colors and are totally worth it. Great for outdoor weddings & to give out to guests & bridesmaids! #shoes #heels

  • Angie Wright-Nash

    Soulmates! These protective caps save your heels when you're going to be in grass or rough terrain - they come in clear, black, and a couple of colors, as well as three sizes, and are totally worth it. Great for outdoor events; would be a great addition to a bridesmaids' gift basket for an outdoor wedding.

  • Regan McFerrin

    Keeps your high heels from sinking into the ground.. Great idea for bridesmaids in an outdoor wedding..

  • Missy Halda

    cool idea for outdoor weddings. So you dont sink in!

  • Nay Opie

    The Sole Mates high heel protector cap that prevents heels from sinking in to grass. Would be perfect for outdoor events and weddings!

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