• Carol Landrum Wohlgemuth

    Let me show you exactly where that paper cut is... true story!

  • Anya Clifford

    Funny pics, hilarious cartoon, hilariousness, jokes funny …For more funny quotes and pics visit www.bestfunnyjokes4u.com oh my

  • Jokes R Us

    Funny pics, hilariousness, funny jokes …For more humorous quotes and funny pictures visit www.bestfunnyjokes4u.com

  • Stacey

    Reminds me of my new favorite joke: What's the main ingredient in hand sanitizer? ......paranoia!

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OMG I WANT ONE! Giant Sandless Beach Mat. Sand and water are instantly filtered through as soon as they fall on this mat's surface - and it can't re-emerge back through the bottom! I HAVE TO GET ONE OF THESE THIS YEAR

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45 acp kimber sapphire =]

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Magic Mike! wahoo!

Let me show you exactly where that paper cut is... true story!

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Awesome website. Type in your starting destination and your ending destination, and it will find ALL SORTS of things for you to do, see, eat, play along the way.