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    Maiden Goddess


    Blue flower maiden

    Maiden, Mother and Crone



    Green Goddess

    Triple Goddess, maiden, mother, crone

    Anna Perenna is the Roman Goddess of long life and renewal, health and plenty. Her two names both make reference to the year: anna means "to live through a year", while perenna means "last many years" (still seen in the English words annual and perennial). She seems to be concerned with cycles of renewal, and connecting the past to the present; She Herself is described in some legends as old, and in others as young.

    Vestal - Frederic Leighton ; in ancient roman religion , vestal virgins were priestesses of Vesta, the goddess of the Hearth

    The Maiden (part of the Ironteeth witches' Three-Faced Goddess)

    goddess Kali

    Rainbow goddess art (it's the best kind of goddess art)



    Grandmother Crone Goddess -Wendy Andrew

    Blodeuwedd in Bloom by Selina Fenech Celtic (Welsh) Maiden form of the Triple Goddess. She was changed into an owl for committing adultry and plotting to kill Lleu. Symbolizes wisdom, lunar mysteries, initiations. Known to help a garden or a child grow. Known as the Ninefold Goddess of the Western Isles of Paradise and Flower-Face, Goddess was created by Math and Gwydion as a wife for the God Lleu




    The Goddess