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  • Shellaine Dizzle

    Is this the new product from Charlie's line of KITTEN MITTENS?!? Lmao

  • Stephanie Eaton

    Hahahaha omg Dedin would never do this with me lol. Cute idea though ha A Smitten-- a mitten for two-- so you can still hold hands on nippy nights and days! AWH hahah

  • Cody K

    Valentine Day Red Knit Glove For Two ~

  • T

    Smitten Mitten's, I can't wait to warm you up in the cold weather ;)

  • Judith

    Smitten {Free Pattern} | Julie Weisenberger @ Coco Knits

  • Bobbi Rogers

    The Lover's Glove... Now you can hold hands and still be warm. @ DD the knitter!

  • Jennifer Lasita

    A Smitten-- a mitten for two-- so you can still hold hands on nippy nights and days!- Would be cute for a winter wedding! :)

  • Halie Renee

    hand warmers - so we can hold hands, and still be warm!

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