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This was me & my friends always heading to or from the beach in beautiful Southern California!

Need to round my girl friends up and do this !!!! On to the beach girls !!!!!!!!

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Well this accurately describes how I hang out with my friends...

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This is one of my ultimate dreams: just hanging out with my best friends in my favorite place ahhh I cant wait for the beach!

they day I have dreamed of since I was 6, turning 16, getting a jeep and going to the beach with my best friend

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best friends take those crazy random trips to nowhere but know its gonna be fun and worth it cause they got you their bestfriend by their side

i want my summer to be just like this... having fun with all my true friends and not caring what other people think of us!!!! i'm going to make my summer like this .. and find my true friend that will always be there for me:) love life

Have to do this with my friends. #summer #Love #Friends

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for the beach trip coming up