• Vanessa BB

    Watermelon Vodka - Great for summer partys :)

  • Stephanie Kilgore

    Vodka Watermelon! How to Fill a Fruit with Booze Sweet Paul

  • Emily Ann

    Vodka infused watermelon Cut out a circle in the watermelon, scoop out about 2 inches of melon---add about a cup of vodka--let sit in fridge for about 2 days

  • Keri Murph

    Spiked watermelon... Great for summer parties..... www.thekitchn.com... 118475

  • Rhetta Whitelaw

    lime flavored vodka watermelon. end of the summer party cocktail

  • Debbie Stong

    Sweet Paul: Spiked Boozy Watermelon Recipe

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