Adam Ant

Adam Ant & Siouxsie Sioux.....

Remember these guys? Always loved the drums in their songs!

Adam Ant

Adam Ant. The 80's still owes him one

Adam Ant

We love Adam Ant for his music, his style, the inspiration he gives to other sufferers of mental illness and to anybody who has ever had to bounce back. Most of all, we love Adam Ant because he appeared at a free festival in Ashford in the rain on a Sunday afternoon and made us all smile - none more than my 13 year old daughter. What a legend!

Adam Ant - Stand And Deliver......A post punk band, starting the new wave of music in the 80's. They started the use of the 'Burundi beat'; a speeded-up version of the 'talking drums' of the African tribe called The Burundi.

Adam Ant

Wonderful Cassette, Brand New, Post Punk, Ant Wonderful, Adam Ant, Free Posted

Adam Ant

Adam Ant - ridicule is nothing to be scared of...

Adam Ant Steampunk

Adam Ant

Adam and the Ants was a new wave band during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was one of the bands at the time that marked the transition from the ’70s punk rock era to the new-wave post punk-music era. Although the band started off with a punk-influenced sound, it soon moved on to New Wave motivated by new sources such as the drum-heavy “Burundi Beat” heard on “Dog Eat Dog”.

Adam Ant "Don't cho ever, don't cho ever - stop being dandy - Show them that you're handsome.."

Adam Ant - definite style icon!

Dress up, make up Adam Ant Portrait - P 2012

Adam Ant - I spent my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention

Adam Ant...the good years. JM